Updated Friday 19th June 2020



  • Yes, we will open for some gymnasts again next week (week commencing 22 June 2020).

  • In line with strict conditions, this will be a staggered opening starting with the WAG/MAG Comp & Squad gymnasts.

  • The remaining classes will be open for term 3, so please enrol asap from Monday 22nd June 2020.

  • You will receive an email about your classes/schedule shortly.


  • Due to a large amount of unpaid fees, we have had to change our payment policy.

  • All payments for Term 3 onwards will be now be either paid in full for the term or via Direct Debit.

  • Payment queries cannot be discussed with any staff other than Lorraine Heeps - General Manager. 


  • The Government requires us to clean and sanitise all equipment between rotations - which is in 15 minute blocks.

  • For each session, we will be needing 3-4 parents to help us achieve these requirements.

  • Please send and email to if you can assist with this.

  • You will be required to stay for the entire session and head out to the gym to sanitise every 15 minutes.

  • A working with children check is required.


Please read through the questions below. If you have a question we have not addressed, please email us at


When will Resilience be reopening?

The Victorian Government has issued a range of strict guidelines including things such as how many people are allowed into our club at any one time and the number of hours each gymnast can train for each week for example. This means we will have to reopen in a staggered format over the coming weeks – starting with WAG/MAG Competitive and Squad next week and the remaining classes all running again at the start of Term 3. Enrolments for Term 3 will be available as of Monday 22nd June 2020.


You will get a follow up email/call specific to when you will be able to return to gymnastics noting that there is a new class timetable factoring all of our members and the different programs that are recommencing.


What is Resilience doing to be Covid-19 Safe?

Please be aware of the Information for Athletes and Families Fact Sheet and the COVIDSafe Parent Handbook showing all of the different measures we are adhering to in order to resume gymnastics training in a safe and hygiene-focused manner.


- Information for Athletes and Families Fact Sheet

- COVIDSafe Parent Handbook

What are the rules for parents and gymnasts returning to Resilience?

In order to enter the gym, staff will:

  • check the temperature of every gymnast to ensure below 38 degrees.

  • check to confirm that their fees have been paid.

  • upon confirming above, will then sign your child/ren into the gym for them to enter OR advise them to return to their vehicle if one of the conditions above has not been met.



  • Do not arrive more than 10 minutes before training commences.

  • Drop off only. You must not congregate at the entry point.

  • Arrive dressed and ready to train.

  • You must bring your own drink bottle, clearly labelled. No sharing of drink bottles is permitted.

  • You must provide your details including full name, phone number and date and time of attendance to your club for the purpose of contact tracing.



  • One gymnast per apparatus with sanitising and cleaning in between each rotation.

  • Full partner/spotting work is allowed with all Coaches to sanitise hands and elbows before and after spotting each athlete.

  • Physical distancing of 1.5m must be maintained by those who are over 18.

  • Sharing and handling of equipment will be minimised.

  • Adherence to the hygiene protocols as outlined in the Return to Gymnastics Quick Guide above

  • Regular breaks provided for rehydration and hand sanitisation

  • Avoid contact with coach or other athletes (including hi-fives and hugs)



  • You must leave the venue immediately after training has concluded – no social activity is to occur.


Will there still be Online Classes?

Online classes will continue next week for all classes with the exception of WAG/MAG Competitive and Squad. WAG/MAG Competitive and Squad parents will be contacted shortly regarding training sessions for next week. All online classes for the week commencing 22nd June will be free of charge to all Resilience gymnasts.

What happens with the fees for the last week (Non-Competitive) or last 2 weeks of Term 1?

Make up classes will be available for all classes that were cancelled from Monday 23rd March 2020. Classes missed will be able to be made up until December 31st 2020. Where RGCI is unable to offer a make up class, a credit note will be issued.

What happens if I enrolled for Term 2?

Enrolments for gymnasts who had enrolled for Term 2 have been carried over to Term 3. RGCI has also introduced a 15 minute changeover policy for classes. This will enable our coaches to catch up with the parents after class, provide feedback and answer any questions that may arise. If there have been any changes to the class time that you have enrolled in, you will be contacted by one of our Office Administration staff.

Do I need to enrol for Term 3?

If you did not enrol for Term 2, then you will need to complete an enrolment for Term 3. Enrolments for Term 3 will be available from Monday 22nd June 2020. If you did enrol for Term 2, your enrolment will be carried over to Term 3 automatically.

Are there any changes to the Term 3 schedule?

The Term 3 schedule is designed to be as close as possible to the Term 2 schedule. However, there will be some changes implemented to ensure that we meet social distancing requirements and maximum venue capacity requirements, as directed by the Government. We’ve also introduced a 15 minute changeover period between classes so this will impact the schedule also.

Will the viewing area be open and can parents stay?

At this stage, our viewing area will remain closed until further notice. Drop-off only with no parents to enter the gym.

Will there be a competition season?

Gymnastics Victoria has yet to make an official announcement regarding the 2020 competition season. Given the amount of time that our gymnasts have been out of the gym and the Return to Training Guidelines (Approx. 7 weeks to for our Competitive/Squad gymnasts to resume full training load), it is unlikely that there will be competitions this year. We cannot say “No” formally as yet, but we’re not expecting any competition to commence.

If there isn’t a competition season, what happens if I have paid deposits or full payment for competitions?

In the event that the competition season is cancelled, credit notes will be issued for all deposits and full payments made for competitions.

Will RGCI still offer Free Trial Classes?

Yes, RGCI will still be offering Free Trial Classes. We will be offering ‘Come & Try’ / Free Trial Classes over the upcoming 2 week school holiday period prior to returning for Term 3.


What are the new payment policy conditions?

All payments must now be either ‘paid in full’ for the term or via Direct Debit for Term 3 onwards. If you’re payment has not cleared prior to your class (eg – payment bounced), we’re sorry but your child will not be allowed to enter the gym. This decision has been made by the Committee of Management due to the large amount of money owed by parents from previous terms that will now have to be written off. We simply cannot afford to do this moving forward.

Your Direct Debit arrangement must be set up with the Office Administration Staff prior to the 1st class. Alternative payment arrangements can only be agreed to in writing by the General Manager. No one else has the authority to discuss or approve any payment arrangements.

What happens if further restrictions are put in place by the Government?

In the event that there is a ‘second phase’ of COVID-19 or further restrictions are put in place, direct debits will be stopped immediately, provided that payment is up to date for classes attended.

On behalf of Resilience, thank you.

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