Parents Meeting 19/03/20

Thank you to those who attended the meeting.

For those that could not make it, we have pre-recorded the meeting/presentation for you. The video is posted below. You will need to watch the video to learn about the strategy and initiatives... and the documents below probably won't make much sense without seeing the presentation first.

Video length is 28:00. Links to all documents are under the video below.

Links and Downloads

Generic Organisational Chart

View the first draft of the proposed generic organisational chart.

Open here

Become A Resilience Member

Become a Member of Resilience - which entitles you to contribute to the direction of the club.  

Open form

Communication Structure

This document outlines how we plan to give updates to parents moving forward.

Open here

Join Our Parents Facebook Group

Request to join the Resilience Parent Group to share the fun, receive updates, etc.

Join here

Can You Help? We Need Volunteers

To become a Volunteer in any way please register your interest by completing our short form.

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Download The Presentation Slides

We've included a PDF copy of the entire presentation for you to review in your own time.

Download here

On behalf of Resilience, thank you.

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