W.A.G. – Fundamentals

A Fundamentals Gymnastics coach will teach the gymnasts basic skills of gymnastics which incorporate strength, flexibility and fitness activities to allow the gymnasts to develop.

Each class runs for 60 minutes including warm up stretches, jumps and movement to allow bodies to perform skills and exercises with warm muscles. Our coaches plan out each class to ensure the gymnasts are getting the maximum skill development at a comfortable pace and in safe environment.

Every gymnast is different and from starting in a beginner class we assess all participants for their readiness to move up into programs more suited to their development.


W.A.G. – Australian Levels Program

In 2015 the WAG Australian Levels Program was changed, so that there is no longer a State and National Stream. Instead, all female gymnasts compete against each other, and are provided with greater opportunity to move into the International Stream. This new ALP provided female gymnasts with pathways in which they can develop and progress in artistic gymnastics.

The Resilience WAG Levels Program is designed to develop our female gymnasts to their full potential, so that they may represent Resilience Gymnastics College in external competitions, pitted against other gymnastics clubs. Training hours range from 4-20 hours per week, dependent upon level, with our girls training on all four WAG apparatus – Floor, Vault, Beam and Bars. Our WAG levels gymnasts develop a range of skills on all apparatus, with a strong focus on physical preparation. Resilience provides many opportunities and pathways for young gymnasts to progress further in this amazing sport.

Despite having high expectations of all our WAG levels gymnasts, we ensure that all training sessions are still positive and enjoyable, with all our girls walking out with a smile on their faces!

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