The primary aim of the initiative is to assist children develop a lifelong interest in sport, gain a healthier mind and body, have fun and learn sport activities and games in a safe environment. All primary schools have the opportunity to apply for a grant of between $1,300 and $3,100 per term for up to three terms a year, to deliver a Sporting Schools activity before, during or after school hours using one of their National Sporting Organisation partners.

What are the benefits of gymnastics

By developing a child’s fundamental movement skills, Gymnastics provides a sound basis for further skill development across all sports. Through exploration and sequencing of movements, gymnastics makes cognitive demands on children to listen, problem-solve, make decisions and prepare to take controlled risks. Gymnastics promotes all-round physical development, muscular
strength and endurance, joint flexibility, balance, coordination and core strength required for everyday living. By building these strong foundations, young people will have an understanding of healthy bodies and minds and will then pass on this message to their peers, their parents and future generations.

How Resilience Gymnastics College Inc. can help

As a registered gymnastics provider with Sporting Schools, Resilience Gymnastics College can provide schools with a gymnastics program either at the school or at our own facility. Here at Resilience, our key goal is to educate young gymnasts and coaches about the importance of a healthy way of life through
gymnastics. Part of our ethos at Resilience is; strong healthy bodies and minds lead to strong performance and development of the gymnast. This is an ethos we carry over and deliver in our school programs, as we are dedicated to teaching our gymnasts the value of understanding the core body strength principles and promoting a positive attitude with a healthy way of life.

For more information please give us a call or contact us. We will soon have a session schedules and plans up on the website.