Gymnastics is a sport that develops core skills for future development. The Kinder gym program, starting from 30 months old, is a kids gymnastics program that works to develop motor skills, muscle development, coordination, social interaction and most of all, having fun in the gym while developing a positive experience.

Parents are encouraged to join in through the session to support their child’s learning and have a go at the same time! The skills from this kids gymnastics program, can assist to encourage independence, confidence and socialising all of which help prepare your child for school and life outside the home.

KinderGym Mix (3-5 years)

This program provides a safe Environment for children to develop physical skills in a fun playful way at their own rate. Educational research tells us that children learn best through exploring and discovering their abilities through physical activity. Resilience Gymnastics College offers this fantastic program and ask parents, carers or guardians to participate with little Gymnasts.

Pre-Gym Mix (3-5 years)

This program is designed as a pathway to lead our young Gymnasts into our after school fundamental program. The program is a structured class, which introduces our gymnasts to Artistic Gymnastics including coordination games, skill development and teamwork.

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