Inclusion classes

We do not provide Inclusion classes publicly, only through school groups such as Manor Lakes College.

At Resilience we believe that kids gymnastics should be available to all. Building on the foundations of Kinder Gym we teach these students basics and fine motor skills in a fun, safe environment. We see their confidence and strength develop as they take on and master new activities such as coordination, climbing, jumping, and rolling activities.

Message from the Manor Lakes Staff

“We have had the wonderful opportunity of taking part in a weekly gymnastics program run by the enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff at Resilience Gymnastics in Hoppers Crossing. All students look forward to this program and benefit immensely from the activities provided. Students have further developed their fine motor skills through participation in a range of games and activities specifically tailored to their individual needs. Sensory activities are also provided during each session in order to cater for the sensory needs of all students.

Students are developing more confidence each week and we have noticed marked improvements in their abilities to balance on the high beam, jump on the trampoline, roll, crawl and attempt forward rolls. The skills taught at gymnastics have also formed the basis of some Individual Education Plan goals for some students. We look forward to continuing to be part of this fabulous program and are excited to see the progress made by all students.”

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