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Gymnastics develops core strength and the fundamental movement which will assist young people in their future, not only in sports but everyday life. By building these strong foundations young people will have an understanding of healthy bodies and minds and will then pass on this message to their peers, their parents and future generations. This is a central part of the ethos of Resilience Gymnastics College Inc. and at the heart of our teaching and mentoring classes.

The College has also adopted a policy to actively support research into the importance of recognising the links between diseases such as autism and fundamental movement being taught to develop the core body strength needed in all our young people.

Resilience Gymnastics College

Welcome to Resilience Gymnastics where our team of professional coaches and dedicated volunteers understand the benefits of healthy minds and healthy bodies for all. We have classes, from kinder gym to Adults and Special Needs students where our goals range from a healthier community to realising Olympic ambitions.


From posture to athletic perfection, strength, especially core strength can define the stature of the individual. Gymnastics is a discipline that develops both core strength and the inner mental strength for both every day and athletic durability. Research shows that athletes with exceptional core strength break down less often and recover faster when they do – the value of this to growing bodies is immeasurable.


In 2014 one of our 11 year old members awoke one morning unable to move her arms or her legs. After a series of tests were completed, it was revealed she had an unusual viral condition/infection in her neck. Apart from the fright she gave her parents, this young lady drew on her physical and mental disciplines to make a full recovery beyond the expectations of her medical team. They subsequently put that down to her level of gymnastic strength and fitness.


Of course, it takes passion to bring out the courage and develop the strength that gymnastics is in a unique position to create. The team at Resilience Gymnastics College combines the community passion of our volunteers with the passion for excellence of our coaches. For children of all ages, adults and special needs children, the opportunity to share in that passion is just a simple phone or email enquiry away


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Gymnastics at the Resilience Gymnastics College, not only develops healthy bodies and healthy minds, but also a unique community of achievement. While as a parent, you will have the opportunity to see this in one of our Showcase Events, it is the achievement and enjoyment of regular classes that makes this possible. So, whether your children just want to have fun exercising or you have national champion in the making, Resilience Gymnastics offer classes for all abilities, age groups and goals including special needs.

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2017 Non Competitive and Recreational Calendar 2017 Competitive Gymnasts Calandar
Terms: Dates: Terms: Dates:
Term 1 January 30 – April 2 Term 1 January 9 – April 8
Term 2 April 18 – July 2 Term 2 April 18 – July 8
Term 3 July 17 – September 24 Term 3 July 17 – September 30
Term 4 October 9 – December 17 Term 4 October 9 – December 23

Our Gym

Space is always at a premium for Gymnastics Colleges in Victoria, but at Resilience we have the equipment, space and floors to allow us to develop our gymnasts professionally and safely. Our current headquarters in Hoppers Crossing, Victoria allow us to run our gymnastics classes and events effectively and safely. We always have an eye out for something even bigger and better nearby and expect to announce improvements soon. Watch this space!


We have parking available at the front of the building and on street. As we share the building with another company, we employ a parking policy in which all children must be walked to the Resilience door by a parent or guardian. We have a staff member on parking duty each day, who will always be able to assist.


We have all the equipment necessary to provide for a safe and fun environment: rings, bars, trampolines, lots of mats and a large floor; all the apparatus a gymnast needs to develop themselves or to prepare for competition.


Other than the parking space, we don’t share any space or equipment which enables us to maintain a high standard of hygiene, equipment and more flexibility in our classes.

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Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.

- G.W.F. Hegel

Become a Resilience Student

Build your own or your child’s resilience now by enrolling at the Resilience Gymnastics College. Gymnastics is undoubtedly the best way to build healthy minds and bodies and skills are developed for the love of gymnastics or the betterment of any sporting pursuit – it’s a foundation for all athletic prowess.

Develop a strong body and a courageous mind. Become Resilient.

Student enrolments are renewed annually but you or your children can enrol for gymnastics classes at any time of the year, we will find a place for you. We offer a number of flexible plans that suit your circumstances and what we need to keep the college running. We can’t wait to see you.

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About Us

Resilience is a College for teaching, mentoring, coaching and educating the gymnasts of the future.

Our key goal at the College is to educate young Gymnasts and Coaches about the importance of a healthy way of life through Gymnastics. Part of our ethos at Resilience is, strong healthy bodies and minds lead to strong performance and development of the gymnast.

Resilience Gymnastics College Inc. is a registered, not for profit, association and as such does not pay tax. All excess funds are used to improve the facilities for our students.

Our Vision

To foster the passion in our gymnasts to have the courage and strength to exceed all expectations through achieving their own vision.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to teaching our gymnasts the value of understanding the core body strength principles and promoting a positive attitude with a healthy way of life, to enable our gymnasts to become world champions and achieve their highest potential.

Our Values

Courage, Strength and Passion are the core values we try and teach our students – all while having fun!

Our History

Resilience Gymnastics College was established in 2010 through the well established Hoppers Crossing Gymnastics club – a club born out of courage and strength.

Location & Contact

Feel free to visit our gym and see for yourself what Resilience Gymnastics College is all about!

Resilience Gymnastics College

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Resilience Gymnastics College - The Premier Gymnastics College in Victoria

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